colour consultantMany of us consider our homes our castles, and we take a great deal of pride in presenting and styling our properties. Colour plays an integral role in creating looks and adding character to a building, and it can also influence the vibe of the room and affect the way we feel when we spend time at home.

If you’re taking on a renovation project, or you’re looking for advice about undertaking an interior makeover, you may be thinking about which colours to use. This is where a consultant in colours comes in handy. Here’s everything you need to know about them and the benefits they offer.

What is a colour consultant?

They specialise in helping clients to select the perfect colour schemes for their home or business. For many of us, choosing colours is one of the most important decisions we make when it comes to decorating our homes. Colours have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic of our homes, but they’re also crucial for setting the tone and adding ambience. Consultants work with customers, providing tailored recommendations based on the type of room they want to decorate, the themes and styles they like, and they feel they wish to create. They offer a range of services, and they can help with everything from preparing your property for sale and refreshing a bathroom or living area to overhauling the interior and exterior of your home as part of a major revamp.

What it means to be a colour consultant

They are creative, insightful individuals who usually have a keen eye for detail. They are up to speed with the latest trends, and they understand the impact of colour. Many people select shades and tones based purely on the way they look on a paint chart, but there’s so much more to think about when putting looks together and styling a home using colour. Colours enhance the aesthetic of a room, but they also influence our moods, and they can contribute to creating a different kind of space.

Colour consultants use their experience, knowledge and training, combined with their creative and artistic talents to conjure up ideas and come up with plans that are suited to the client’s brief.

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How they work with colours

These consultants often provide an extensive range of services, which are designed to enhance the aesthetic of individual rooms or entire properties. From homes to businesses, they take on a broad spectrum of jobs, offering tailored advice that can make all the difference. They work with clients to draw up plans and mood boards based on the interior styles they like, the colours they warm to most, and the kind of vibe they want to create. A bedroom is a very different proposition to a kitchen, for example, when it comes to selecting shades. Bedrooms are tranquil spaces, which should be relaxing and serene, while the kitchen is usually the hub of the home. They can provide suggestions for wall colours, coloured accessories or accents, tile shades and types, complementary tones and shades or colourways that combine a series of different options. Consultants can work with customers to put their stamp on a brand new home or provide advice about updating bathrooms, carrying out a kitchen makeover or sprucing up the outside of a property prior to sale.

Hiring a consultant can also be incredibly useful if you feel like your home isn’t working for you on an emotional level. Most of us long to walk through the door after a busy day and feel our shoulders drop and heart rate fall. If your home isn’t quite the sanctuary you dream of, they can help.

New colour trends

Colour trends come and go, just like catwalk styles. Consultants of colours always have their fingers on the pulse to ensure that you have access to the latest news and developments. Experienced consultants can offer tips based on the style of your home and space you have available, selecting on-trend shades to enhance your property and ensure your home looks incredible. The latest colour trends have seen a shift towards natural tones, a nod to wellness and wellbeing, and the use of bolder shades to create statement walls and carry a theme. Not all trends will suit every home or individual, and often, a consultant can help you mix and match and pick and choose to create a fashionable, stylish design that works for you.

Do you need a colour consultant for your home?

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Bathroom renovation using trending charcoal and white colours

If you’re preparing to redecorate your home, you’re thinking about undertaking a bit of work to get your home ready for sale, or you’re buying a brand new property, you might be exploring the option of hiring a colour consultant. For many of us, choosing colours is one of the most exciting aspects of any renovation or interior design project, but it’s also one of the hardest tasks. Which shades will work best in which room? If you struggle to envision what a room will look like when it’s empty or the walls are bright white, or you’re not a creative person, and you find it hard to come up with ideas, working with these consultants could be a fabulous option for you. You can share your ideas and thoughts, you can take cuttings, photographs and screenshots to your meetings, and you can take advantage of expertise and experience, as well as an eye for detail. They can use their knowledge and creativity to transform the look of a property, but also to ensure that it feels right. When you’re at home, you want to be happy, content, and relaxed, and choosing the right colours goes a long way to turning a house into a home.

Why people choose to hire colour consultants

Some people will walk into an empty room and ideas will flood their mind. Others will struggle to come up with thoughts and plans.

Choosing colours is often a task we look forward to, but one that can also pose problems. We might like colours that don’t really work because of the age of the house or the size of the room, for example. We may struggle to get past a neutral palette or feel afraid of taking a risk and introducing a colour that is bold or bright. A colour consultant understands how colours work in terms of design and aesthetics, but they also have in-depth knowledge about the role colours play in our feelings, emotions, and moods. Hiring an expert can help to save time, improve the aesthetics of properties and create spaces that have a positive impact on how you feel. If you’re looking to create a heavenly haven you can retreat to after work and relax before bed, for example, they can help you transform a dated, cluttered, or clinical room into a soothing, peaceful sanctuary that oozes calmness. Working with a colour consultant can also help to provide clarity. Often, when faced with a book of shades or a wall filled with patches of different coloured paints, it can be challenging to narrow down the options and make a decision. They can provide expert help, using colours and tones to bring your home to life with minimal stress.

If you’re thinking of sprucing up or refreshing your interiors, or you’re in the process of putting your unique stamp on a brand new home, have you thought about working with a colour consultant? Enlisting the help of a colour consultant offers a wealth of benefits, and it could transform the look and feel of your home.

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